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We want to be the Evolution of Entertainment

What do we do? Our team of DJ’s… DJ. That was simple, wasn’t it? Now, what do we really do?
We do all we can to ensure that our involvement in your event is as flawless as it possibly can be. From the first phone call to the last song, we are interactive, confirming that we understand the vision of what you want your event to be. Which means…

We are Planners
We take the time to make sure that your event unfolds just as you planned, working with you through all mediums, from phone calls to in-person consultations to make certain that every detail, no matter how small, is taken care of.

We are Technicians
Although our equipment is state of the art, and our media of the highest quality, things happen. Our staff is trained to handle almost any situation that may arise, plus we carry backup gear… just to be on the safe side.

Portfolio Wedding 2

Our style will be what YOU want.
We want the people at your event to be entertained, and we do everything we can to see that they are. At the same time, we understand your desire to have the type entertainment you desire. We can be as interactive as you want us to be, mild, wild and all points between. Our mission is customer satisfaction and what you want , is what we do.

We love ‘Clean’
We want our show to be aesthetically and audibly pleasing. That is why we take the extra time to:

  • Make sure that our setups are neat with an absolute minimum of cables showing.
  • Insure that we are bringing you the best possible sound quality by investing in state of the art equipment.
  • Purchase and maintain the highest quality digital media library possible.
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But most importantly, we are PEOPLE.

We understand that the selection of entertainment for an event can be a very personal thing, there has to be trust. We want to know you, we want you to know us. Yes, this is our business, but we take it very personally. We want your Entertainment Evolved experience to be an excellent one, from beginning to end.
Having clients is great. Having clients that you can interact with on a personal level is a treasure.
Most of our clients are also our friends on Facebook, because… they’re friends. They visit us at venues, say hi on the street…  We like it that way.
Barbara Bush once said,  “Cherish your human connections – your relationships with friends and family.”
We do.

Now that you know about us, perhaps you should meet us

Chris & Kari Bond (DJ Poppi & DJ TT)

Chris & Kari Bond (DJ Poppi & DJ TT)

One half of the ownership group, They almost always work events together. Chris DJs, Kari makes sure he does it right.

Chris & Heather Petriccione  (DJ Pepper & DJ Salt)

Chris & Heather Petriccione (DJ Pepper & DJ Salt)

The other half of the ownership group. They don’t get to work together often but each is individually talented for any event.

Steve Underwood (DJ Sue)

Steve Underwood (DJ Sue)

Steve is our go-to karaoke guy but can also DJ a great wedding too!

James Troxler (DJ Stewie)

James Troxler (DJ Stewie)

Look! We adopted!
James is new to the business but shows a lot of promise.
He can at least carry more than most of us.
(See how he is giving us the ‘side-eye’ for writing this.)